festa de la donna | march 8 | cucina urbana
Sunday, March 8, 2020

She believed she could, so she did 💪 Celebrate International Women’s Day at CUCINA urbana March 8th!

Join us first for an empowering yoga class in beautiful Balboa Park with yoga guru Heidi Kolanko then namaste with us for a delicious brunch buffet hosted by our fearless leader Tracy Borkum, Executive Chef Tim Kolanko, the CUCINA team + and our power house special guest Chef Kelli Crosson from A.R. Valentien.

ALL proceeds of Festa de la Donna are being donated to Girls Voices a program of Greater Good Organization whose mission is to empower girls through education + self expression. Over 130 million girls are out of school worldwide, Girls’ Voices has helped over 700 girls in 25 countries make a positive change in their lives + communities. Help us grow this number by joining us with your friends + family at CUCINA urbana!

Sunday March 8th

Yoga in Balboa Park at 9 am | Brunch at CUCINA urbana at 11 am

yoga +  brunch buffet | $50




Heidi Kolanko has been committed to teaching yoga since 2006. In 2016 after ten years of daily teaching and learning, she launched Continuing education workshops, teaching private lessons and hosting yoga retreats near La Paz, Mexico are the core focus of HeidiKolankoyoga. Her current studies have shifted her teaching style to highlight functional adaptations of the traditional poses. This encourages a more tailored and balanced approach to her teaching. With a strong focus on anatomy and mindfulness, Heidi empowers her students to find the practice that supports their individual needs. Learn more about her upcoming retreats in La Paz, Mexico here.

Chef Kelli Crosson brings a lifelong interest in real food to A.R. Valentien. From her upbringing on a 40-acre citrus orchard to attending The French Culinary Institute in New York, Crosson embraces a simplicity conveyed through dishes that allow fresh and naturally flavorful ingredients to shine. She enjoys the rush of the kitchen as much as bringing people together to dine and enjoy each other’s company, and her focus extends beyond the kitchen line to ensure an impeccable guest experience.