women are unstoppable.

urban kitchen group is proud to be a woman owned and operated company.
we strive to provide opportunities for women to thrive and are thankful for the inspiring women
who make up our #CUCINAfamily.
shattering glass ceilings and paving the way for future culinary leaders we invited 4 of San Diego’s best female chefs along with our Pastry Chef Elena Palma for a five-course pairing dinner at CUCINA urbana

join us wednesday, march 20th at 6 pm for Festa Della Donna
portions of festa della donna proceeds will benefit the center for community solutions

the event is sold out, thank you for your support and interest!


lydia ornelas | the plot restaurant

Chef Lydia Ornelas The Plot Oceanside and The Plot Express Carlsbad Cooking has always held Chef Lydia Ornelas’ attention in a way not much else can compare. She credits her Grandma Rosie for giving her introductory food and hospitality lessons without even realizing it; at the time, Chef Lydia was more taken with Grandma Rosie’s intentional cooking style and the love she poured into each dish. Before joining forces with The Plot co-founders Davin and Jessica Waite, Chef Lydia’s culinary journey included serving as Chef de Cuisine at The Goat & Vine in Temecula, working under the direction of Chef Angelo Sosa, and being a part of opening her mother’s Hawaiian restaurant. Her current career highlight is having the opportunity to partner with The Plot team in opening multiple restaurants and continuing their sustainability-driven, plant-based, zero-waste mission. In 2019, Chef Lydia was intrigued by The Plot’s culinary ethos and made it her goal to grow her knowledge on living a plant-based lifestyle and working in a zero-waste kitchen. Overseeing the kitchens at The Plot’s Oceanside and Carlsbad locations proves to be a constant source of excitement and inspiration. Chef Lydia’s favorite part of the job is intrinsically tied to The Plot’s process and the values-based team around her — from the unique ability to source a majority of their produce from local regenerative farms and The Plot Oceanside’s own garden, to the constant creativity driven by using every part of an ingredient. Chef Lydia hopes to honor and emulate the caring and innovative cooking environment she was raised in as she continues to serve her community and overarching eco-mission. This way, she knows she’s accomplishing something for the greater good.



Danielle Rubin, Laird Family Estate

After 50 years in the wine business, Laird Family Estate understands the ins and outs of the industry, from the trends to the challenges. We believe that our success is due to our vineyard expertise as well as our shared goal to produce great estate wines. With a concentration on Napa and Carneros vineyards, we have sought to produce wines that are “a window to a place.” Each one of our vineyards is different in expression, with its own subtle, yet distinctive character and voice. Each year renews in us an intense drive to understand, react to, and work with each vineyard to allow it to reach its full potential. This process, lead by our winemaking and vineyard management team, is crucial for the execution of successful wines.