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Take a culinary journey to Italy’s Campania region with cucina SORELLA on Thursday, April 26, 2018. Enjoy a three-course family style dinner and flight of three wines.

The region of Campania, the shin of Italy’s boot, has a storied history. It was a major area of the Roman Republic at the end of the 4th century BC. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius which leveled the city of Pompeii (all the way back in year 79) is perhaps the most known historical event in Campania. The region came upon influence of the Spanish, French and Aragonese during the middle ages, a time that also saw the emergence of Naples as a main city of Campania (which remains the capital today).

Campania is home to the famed Amalfi coast, but also features a geographic identity of plains, that encourage agriculture, as well acres of hills and mountains – all of which influence the cuisine of the region.

Dairy production is a major industry as the plains are ideal for raising buffalo, cow, goat and sheep. Some prominent cheeses made in Campania include mozzarella di bufala, sheep and buffalo milk ricotta, provolone and caciotta. Nuts are a major agricultural crop as well.

With 217 miles of coastline, seafood plays a major role in people’s diets. Some typical dishes include seafood salad and marinated anchovies. Octopus and mussels are also easily caught along the coast.

On the sweet side, Zeppole, fried dough balls, are a popular dessert of Naples. Pastiera is a Neapolitan tart made with ricotta cheese and traditionally served around Easter.

While not a major wine region in Italy, Campania is home to an array of grape varietals, some found only in the region. Arguably the most important grape from Campania is the red Aglianco, which is used to make Taurasi and Aglianco del Taburno. Fiano and Greco are the most common white varietals grown in the area. Long, dry summers, abundant sun, a long growing season, volcanic soil and mild winters make viticulture successful in the region.

Wine Flight:

la sibilla | falanghina | campania, italy
benito ferrara | ‘terra d’uva’ greco di tufo | campania, italy
poderi foglia | aglianico ‘concarosso’ | campania, italy


MOZZARELLA EN CARROZZA dandelion green salad, anchovy vinaigrette

PACCHERI veal sausage, red peppers, tomato
STUFFED SEA BASS shellfish, herbs, white wine
HEIRLOOM TOMATO radicchio, fennel, pesto
FRIED EGGPLANT olive, caper, anchovy sauce
SPINACH AGLIO I OLIO toasted almond, chili thread

PASTIERA strawberry conserva

*please note menu is subject to change based on chef’s whim and seasonal availability

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