CUCINA urbana Menu

Enjoy our eclectic and inventive California inspired Italian restaurant menu comprised of vasi, antipasti, giardino, pizza, pasta, piatti and dolce. Many of our cheese, charcuterie, sausage, hand crafted confections, artisanal breads and pastas are made in-house. We work directly with local farmers to take advantage of the abundance of beautiful California produce and we let the season’s bounty guide our chefs. We purchase organic and sustainable whenever possible and share a commitment to protect any and all endangered species across the globe!

Urban Kitchen Group (UKG) does not provide a food delivery service and use of any such third party delivery service is at your own risk. As we are not in any manner associated with a delivery service, the method the delivery service handles and transports your food is outside of the control of UKG. We are not responsible for the quality or condition, including temperature and manner of presentation, of your food upon delivery.