Barone Di Villagrande Wine Dinner

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From Mt. Etna to Del Mar

Join us at CUCINA enoteca Del Mar as we welcome winemaker Marco Nicolosi for a special dinner on Tuesday, June 5th. Guests will enjoy 5 wines from Sicily’s Barone Di Villagrande winery and four-course family style feast.

Advanced reservations are required and seating is limited.

Dinner is $85 per guest + service fee + tax.

About Barone Di Villagrande

The story of Villagrande is the story of the Nicolosi family, who first worked the lands of Etna at the start of the 17th century. The volcanic lands were harsh and called a “horrific and untamed place.” In the 18th century, the Bishop of Catania gave the Nicolosi family that task of turning the land into a delicious garden. The family took to growing grapes, and the oldest cultivation story on Etna began. In 1869, Paolo Nicolosi built a new cellar for winemaking and refinement. He was also the first to make wine from a distinct process for white and red grapes. Prior to this, on Etna, wine was made by blending all grapes together without any regard for color or variety. Paolo’s aim was to make wine from single varieties and characteristics, leading to what would become the first Sicily, Etna Bianco Superior. Today, nearly 300 years after the story began, Marco Nicolosi continues his family’s long tradition of winemaker on Mt. Etna. With his wife, Barbara, who heads their Sales & Marketing, they maintain their commitment to the land, heritage of the family and the peculiarities of the growing area.

Menu + Pairings:

upon arrival
marsala glazed fig + pistachio crumb
fried white anchovy + orange + caper aioli
2017 ‘rostato’ nerrelo mascalese, carricante

salmon belly crudo + trapani almond pesto
2015 ‘etna bianco superiore’ carricante

pasta + piatti + contorni
rigatoni alla norma | eggplant + tomato + watercress + ricotta salata
short rib braciole | roasted garlic + broccoli spigarello + caciocavallo
grilled fennel + artichoke + castelvetrano vinaigrette
panzanella stuffed roasted tomato
2016 ‘etna rosso’ nerello mascalese, cappuccino
2014 ‘cru contrade’ nerello mascalese, cappuccio

pistachio cake + honey gelato
2014 ‘passito’ malvasia, corinto nero